How my chairs are made:

I spend about 80 hours hand making each sculptured rocking chair. I choose highly figured hardwoods, carefully matching wood grain for symmetry. The design, similar to chairs designed by the late Sam Maloof and Hal Taylor, has classic lines which compliment any décor. The chairs include flexible back braces and a contoured seat for low back comfort. An extremely soft, smooth finish is accomplished by sanding the chairs for hours, finally with 1000 grit paper. Rocking chairs are available in custom sizes to best fit each client. They are guaranteed for a lifetime against builders defects. The client will be responsible for shipping costs. I have also designed and built over 60 custom entryways which can be viewed at Artist Doors.

More details

To make the best chair possible, I hand select each board to ensure they are flat and free of bows or twists and checks. I only purchase kiln dried wood, not air dried. I bring the rough boards to my shop and let them sit to acclimatize to our humidity. Then, I hand plane the wood to a rough dimension and let them sit for additional time. After I am sure the board is stable, I plane them down to the final size. This results in about 40% waste but insures that the chairs will hold their shape. I used to have to travel to find the best wood, but now beautiful figured wood can be found on the internet .Photos are available and I can have the wood shipped to me.

Natural Durable Green

All wood used is from sustainable forests or reclaimed wood. Sustainable forests use either selective harvesting or plantation harvesting for high demand wood. All aspects from choice of land to method of harvesting are designed to cause minimal impact to surrounding area and allow replanting for a long term commitment to the environment. The ancient Kauri wood is reclaimed wood.

A word about the wood

Wood is made up of cells that swell and shrink in response to heat and humidity. Sealing and finishing does not change this. This movement is natural and does not compromise the integrity of the piece.

Wood has natural characteristics that add to its’ beauty and makes it distinct….characteristics such as knots. If any of these characteristics concern you, I will try to choose lumber free of these defects or use wood filler to cover these natural defects.

The chairs are made in versions for medium sized clients ( 5’5” to 6’2” tall ), a smaller version for clients 5”4” or under and a tall version for clients over 6 ‘ 3”. Of course we know there are many variations and I am happy to make adjustments for torso or leg length in commissioned chairs. Clients can choose from a variety of hardwoods. The client chooses from a variety of figured hardwood such as curly Cherry, birds-eye Maple, Walnut, tropical Rosewood or Sapele. Most of the time all the wood for your chair will come from the same tree to ensure color match. One of most interesting woods I have worked with is Kauri wood, “the oldest wood in the world”. The wood is brought up from peat bogs in New Zealand and is carbon dated to over 50,000 years old. The wood is a rich cognac shade and also has hues which shimmer and change in the light. The immense trees, some 200 feet tall and 40 feet in girth grew for almost 2000 years before being buried under a peat swamp at the end of the last ice age. The wood is not petrified. All Kauri ( Agathis Australis) comes from New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. Only about 350 acres of living trees remain and they are protected, with milling strictly controlled. The ancient Kauri wood is being brought up from the peat bogs in sites now primarily covered by farm fields and ranch lands. After log removal, the land is restored to it’s original contours with no environmental consequences. The wood is imported into the United States by Ancientwood, Ltd. in La Pointe Wisconsin.

There are no shortcuts in handcrafted pieces. Everything is custom made. After the wood is selected and aged, I cut out the shapes I will need for the seat, arms, rockers, back and back braces. I then go to work carving the third dimensional shape into these flat pieces. The wood is hand worked; planed, shaped and sanded to provide a strong, beautiful chair for you.


Chairs are built to last a lifetime. Any repairs will be made at no charge for builder’s defects or at cost for defects due to misuse or improper use (artist’s discretion). Clients may deliver or ship chair at their cost both ways.

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